Time Period of E-Way Bill

Government ease rules to increase the Time Period of E-Way Bill

New Delhi:- After successfully implementing e-way bill, the government is now focusing on facilitating the smallest facilities connected to it. Under this, the government has started facilitating enhancing the time period of e-way bill. Through this, transporters will be able to increase the time period of the already generated e-way bill.

He will be able to do this when he will not be able to get the goods on fixed time due to some reason.

The government made easy rules for transporters

The government has eased the e-way bill for transporters. Now, transporters can able to extend the time period of e-way bill online. If the transporters can not reach the stock on time due to any reason in the given time period, then they can extend the time period further. They can make these changes online.

Checking Can be Done Only Once

The first transporter’s vehicles was parked for checking at every single state, which sometimes used to take 2 to 3 days, it will no longer be. After checking once a truck or a vehicle, there will be no double checking. I.e. a vehicle from one state to another, will have a free flow movement. If the government or tax officer gets information about a vehicle, its checking can be done again.

Clarification on e-way bill issued by Government

  1. If the transport of the product is being done for job work, in that case the supplier or registered job worker will have to generate e-way bill.
  2. If the transport supply of goods through the railway, air or ship, then the registered supplier or the receipt will generate e-way bills. In this case the transporter will not generate e-way bill. It will be necessary to e-way bill on delivery of goods.
  3. When e-way bill are generated, it will get 72 hours to reclaim and expose.
  4. The one day validity of e-way bills will be for 100 kilometers. Once the distance of 100 kilometers is increased then the time validity of the e-way bill will be increase.
  5. E-Way bill need to be increased when the value of goods is more than Rs. 50 thousand by adding value tax. In this, the product that comes under the tax exemption of GST and the products which have been exempted from e-way bill are not required to be create an e-way bill. He will not even be included in the count of 50 thousand rupees.
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