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GST on luxury hotels

28% GST on luxury hotels likely to stay

NEW DELHI:  Officials familiar with the matter told ET, “The 28% GST on luxury hotels with tariffs of Rs 7500 and above is likely to stay despite the hotel industry lobbying to reduce the tax rate as the govt is unlikely to amend the tax slab now”.

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World Bank Reports on GST

World Bank Reports on GST of India, difficult, questioned at huge rates

The World Bank says that India’s GST law is a bit complicated by the tax system of other countries around the world. World Bank has said this in a report.

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SAC (Service Accounting Codes) Code With GST Rates

SAC codes mean? SAC codes mean Service accounting code are codes issued by CBEC to uniformly classify each service under GST. Each service has a unique Service Accounting code and these codes can be used in invoices created by you for the services you delivered. GST for service is collected in 5 slabs i.e. 0%, […]

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Digital Payments

Govt plans GST Relaxation for digital payments

New Delhi:- The Center has Proposed a Two percentage point discount in the GST for Consumers who make the digital Payments. The proposal is likely to be picked up at the next council meeting in January 2018 if approved then it will boost the government to the attendant in a cashless economy.

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