Refund amount of GST

Refund amount of GST not available after eight months

Indore:- New World Representative on 1st July 2017, the central government had implemented GST with the slogan of ‘one country, one tax’ across the country, but eight months later, GST refunds were not given by the state tax department.

The clear instructions regarding the process of refunding to the authorities were not given, so refunds are not accepted.

Chairman of the Commercial Tax Practitioners Association AK Gaur, MP Law Bar Association president AK Lakhotiya, Amit Dave, Kedar Heda, Devendra Jain and CA Sunil P Jain demanded immediate action by submitting to the state tax commissioner Raghavendra Singh in this matter. In an announcement submitted by the Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya, both organizations have said that the GST Act has made it mandatory that if a supplier supplies goods or services outside India or in the SEZ area, then the refund will be completed by paying the application. Afterward will be given in a fixed time period, otherwise, the refund will be returned with interest as per the GST provision.

State tax officials accepted nominal refunds, but due to lack of necessary guidelines of the state government, they have stayed in the Treasury. Refunds are being issued in the GST Act by the Excise Department, which is only getting the amount of IGST and CGST. The amount of SGST contained in it is to meet the State Tax Department which businessmen still cannot get. It was demanded in the memorandum that delays in the refund cases is being delayed from the governance level, so the amount of interest will also be given along with the amount of refund.

This is affecting the business on a large scale. Businessmen of the MPs are getting discouraged by the delay in refunds. With this, the share of Indian exports in the international market is also adversely affecting government revenue. The central product and service tax department is refunding the refund sought in the fixed time frame directly to the bank account of the businessman, but the MP government has not fixed any policy-related norms in this regard. For this reason, the officers will not be able to solve the cases of refunds that they want.

Must be meeting in one or two days

The Commissioner assured the delegation that they will meet the Minister in this matter soon to inform him of the problem so those clear guidelines can be issued at the governance level. Given the seriousness of the subject, the government can solve the problem by meeting the necessary meeting in a day or two.

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