Problems related to GST will be settled

Problems related to GST will be settled in less time, creating new system

New Delhi:- Given a growing concern on GST portal, the government has now made a big platform, which will replace the helpdesk on GST portal. GSTN has developed a Complaint Cell, where all complaints related to GST will be addressed. After the new system, the solution of the problem of businessmen will be solved in a short time.

Complaints are Growing up on the GST Portal

The officer of GST portal told that the way the complaint was made on the website has been improved. So far the email ID was created for the helpdesk, which was receiving all the complaints. Due to the increased flow of complaints, the Compliant system has been improved on GST portal. Now traders can directly complain over the GST Portal website.

The first helpdesk was created

So far the helpdesk for any problem was made where traders and businessmen could complain. The first was to call the CBEC help desk number 1800-1200-232 or e-mail at but the email has now been discontinued. Instead, a new complaint system has been started.


Traders were also complaining


General Secretary Pravin Khandelwal of Confederation of All India Traders told that there are many technical and filing related problems coming on the portal. Traders were also complaining through e-mail but it was not being settled very soon. Many times the traders could not even properly email, their problems were not getting well, which led to the increasing number of complaints.


Will have to do complain like this

To complain, the traders and businessmen have to go to GSTN Portal. By clicking on the service on the portal, the user will have to go to the service and then click on the complaint. There will be options to get your complaints about what kind of problems you are facing. Click on your complaint and fill the form. The form must be submitted after which you will get a complaint number. After that, your complaint will be worked out. So far this link was not active which has been recently activated.

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