Including petroleum products under GST

After Including petroleum products under GST won’t impact prices too much: Sushil Kumar Modi

PATNA: Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Saturday asserted that including petroleum products under GST will not have much impact in reducing its prices.

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Impact of GST

3 Lakh New Jobs in The Logistics Sector, Impact of GST Implementation: Report

New Delhi:- In the country Impact of GST over logistics sector, around 3 million new jobs will be created in the next 4 years. This possibility is due to the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and investment in the infrastructure sector.

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E-way bill will be Mandatory

Intra State E-way bill will be Mandatory from 3rd June, CBIC issued the order

New Delhi:- Under the GST E-way bill will be mandatory across the country from 3rd June. The government had implemented the e-way bill from 1st April.

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Petrol prices may be goes down

Petrol prices may be goes down 30 rupees after GST, Govt will make decision soon : Said Sources

Experts believe that if 18 percent GST is imposed on petroleum products then the cost of petrol in Delhi will be reduced to Rs 45.75 per liter.

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Relaxation in GST Registration

For Ease of Doing Business GOVT Announced Relaxation in GST Registration and Reserve Unique Names Will Be Available in 3 Days for new Business

New Delhi:-  If anybody wants to do a new business, then the government has made Relaxation in GST Registration, electricity connections, names.

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deadline for filing GSTR-3B

Govt Extends deadline for filing GSTR-3B of April by 2 days till 22nd May

NEW DELHI: The GOVT has extends deadline for filing GSTR-3B returns for April by 2 days till May 22. Previously, the Due date was on 20th May.

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Coaching Centers will liable to 18% GST

Coaching Centers will liable to 18% GST, Government gave Clarification

New Delhi:- The coaching centers will liable to 18% GST. Those institutes  preparing for the entrance exam will be able to charge the Goods and service tax to their students. This information is provided by the Authority for Advanced Routing (AAR).

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GST at settlement

GST at Settlement in Next Webinar on Today

The GST at settlement new measure requires purchasers of new residential premises or sub-divisions of potential residential land to pay GST(Goods and Services Tax) directly to us.

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All About E-SANCHIT in GST

What is E-SANCHIT in GST e-SANCHIT is a paperless processing application, which facilitates trade for submitting all required supporting documents for customs clearance electronically with digitally signatures.

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New Delhi:- Two other states are going to join the list of states that are implementing the e-way bill of Intra State . The government has announced the implementation of intra state e-way bill  in Assam from 16th May and in Rajasthan from 20th May.

In Assam-Rajasthan, the e-way bill will also be included in the list

The E-Way Bill for intra-state movement of goods valued over Rs 50,000 would be mandatory.  according to a finance ministry statement.

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