no e-bill in booking-delivery

Railway’s arbitrariness, no e-bill in booking-delivery

Gwalior :- After the GST or the Goods and Services Tax has been imposed throughout the country. There has been a major defiance of the Railway’s arbitrariness, no e-bill in booking-delivery

The E-Way bill may be necessary for carrying goods worth more than 50 thousand rupees from 1st April, but the railways do not believe it.

In the parcel bogies, the goods of the e-way bills are continuing in the railways, not checking the bills at the booking point, nor demanding e-way bills when giving railway delivery.

In such a way, those who carry goods from the train have got the shortage of e-force, while the Railways itself is capturing the government itself.

GST bill has been implemented across the country since from 1st April. Since then, the electronic bill system has been built to transport the goods. It has been applied to goods of more than 50 thousand. If goods are priced at less than 50 thousand then there is no need to generate e-way bill.

Intrastate e-way bill has been implemented from 25th April. The e-way bill has also been included in the transportation of airplanes and railways, but the railways are not yet considering the e-way bill.

Railway earnings Effective after GST

After the introduction of e-way bills in GST, the earnings from the freight of the Railways have also been half. Since from 1st April, the e-bill system has been impacted since its implementation.

On the other hand, goods are less than 50 thousand freight is coming to the railway and the goods of more are booking the same business, which is known that the Railway  is not seeing the e-way bill.

Railway also within the purview of e-way bill

“There is the obligation of e-way bills in railways. On the delivery point of the railway, the Railways have to pay the goods only by checking the e-bill. Railway officials will be talking about this, e bills will be followed.” said By Sudhir  Shrivastav, Joint Commissioner, Sales Tax


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