GST officials started sending notice after scrutiny

GST officials started sending notice after scrutiny, 34% difference between traders

New Delhi. GST officials started sending notice after scrutiny to companies whose tax payments and final sales returns are not matching. This notice had explored that there was a difference between sales of 34 percent and tax payers.

Matching GSTR-1 and GSTR-2A

Notices have been issued to those companies whose final GSTR-1 returns are not matching GSTR-2A. GSTR-1 is a sales return, while GSTR-2A is a return paper. According to the news agency, sources said that the notice has been started by scrutinizing the differences in these two returns.

Revenue Department conducted analysis over the Filed Data

According to the analysis by Revenue Department in March 2018, 34 percent of the business houses have paid about Rs 34,400 crore less tax. This difference was found between July to December 2017. The department has done this analysis after GSTR-3B is fine. Altogether these 34 per cent of the traders have given a total tax of Rs 8.16 lakh crore, but after the analysis, it was found that they should have given tax of Rs 8.50 lakh crore.

Govt Asked For Answer Before May 14th

Govt. said in this notice that they can tell why there is a difference in tax on their GST-3B and GST-1. The notice clearly states that if it is not responded by May 14, then it will be assumed that in this matter you have nothing to say and further legal proceedings will be initiated.

7.41 lakh crore tax collected by the government

The government got 7.41 lakh crore rupees in the last fiscal from GST. Concerned about this fact, however, it is continuously expressed that tax can be stolen if there is no way to prevent tax evasion. Last year, on July 1, 2017, Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented in the country.

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