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Despite the GST refund campaign, only 60% of the exporter benefit, cleared up to September

New Delhi. The buyers who have started the ‘Refund Fortnight’ fair for the stuck GST refund of Modi Government are still not able to get the full benefits. According to them, despite the government’s efforts, the refunds of exporters have been cleared till August-September itself.

That is, the government is going back six months behind the clearance of refund. Not only this, in the traders seeking the refund claim, only 50-60% have been able to refund till September.

Cleared  GST refund till August-September

The Exporter Promotion Council Handicrafts (EPCH) official told that the government is working hard to get refunds to exporters, but despite the government’s refunded Fortnight Fair, the refunds of the traders till August-September is cleared  His six-month refund is still stuck.

60% cleared refund

The Exporter Association’s official told that even refunds of 50 to 60 percent of the traders were cleared. Nearly 40% of the refunds till September is not even received. Refunds are stuck due to non-payment of GST of their supplier.

The government will have to do more

Exporter Association will have to help more now to get a refund because the 6 months refunds are still stuck. The government will have to make such a fair so that the exporters can get their refunds as soon as possible.

The government had run ‘Refund Fortnight’ fair

The government had started ‘refund fortnight’ till March 31 to give refund stuck to exporters for 9 months. Due to refunds stuck for last nine months, it was difficult for the business person to do business. Given the growing protests, the government started ‘Refund Fortnight’ and the government claimed that all the stuck refunds would be cleared.

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