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Guidelines for Easy Filling GSTR-6A Return Form

What is GSTR-6A? GSTR-6A form is like GSTR-2A that generated automatically depending on the details provided by the Supplier in their GSTR-1.

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file GSTR-6 Form

Guidelines for Easy Filling GSTR-6 Return Online

GSTR-6 Return is a document/statement filed by Input Service Distributor and file monthly GSTR-6 Return within thirteen days after the end of the month.

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The GST Tax

What is the GST tax?

Both of the parliaments passed and also Applied from 1st of July 2017 one taxation system who affects peoples life named the GST Tax. so many aspects and assumptions for economic growth in a long time from the newly implemented system. In GST are some rate categories Like 0 %, 5 % ,12 %, 18 %, […]

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