Businessmen selling bills to locate goods in raw

Businessmen selling bills to locate goods in raw

Gwalior:-They are also working to sell business bills to hide the goods in raw bills. This is being done to show the billing of every goods since the GST is implemented.

After lifting a large stock on a fixed bill, the other firm is shown to take dummy goods in billing and the deal is settled between 2-3%.

In the writing, the goods are set up, but in reality, the way to sell the same goods in raw is opened. In addition, small-looking precious goods are also being supplied in private vehicles.

The information regarding the transport of goods in the raw places and the transport of goods in private vehicles is being received by the Anti-Evasion Bureau, but the department is waiting for the information.

After GST is implemented from the 1st April, the e way-bill system is being focused on ground level. Since the GST is being implemented, there is a big problem for the tax evasion businessmen, they are continuously adopting new shortcuts to avoid this.

To deal with the billing of every cargo, the bill selling game has started now, which is becoming more in some food items.

Bills being sold

A businessman took a big stock of oil and then can not be sold in the raw under the provisions of GST for consumption in the market.

Now, in order to sell in the crude, the businessman sells the merchandise to another business firm and the other businessman does not have any problem so that the goods show inward in the paper and the bill is issued on 2-3%. The goods have not been delivered and are just done on the billing show.

Finishing arrangement of Form C and F, not even check post

Before the GST was implemented, the check post system of Sales Tax Department ended. Now the entire work is being done on e-billing. There was arrangement for C and F form checking on arrival of first goods but the C-F in GST is no longer there. It was verified before where the goods came from and where it was coming from.

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