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All about GST Refund

Know All About GST refund?

Generally, when GST is paid more than the GST liability, then there is a situation of claiming GST refunds. Under GST, the process of claiming the GST refund to standardize is to avoid confusion.

Here we describe The procedure of online refund and the deadline has also been set for the same.

When the refund claimed?

There are many cases where the refund can be claimed.

An additional payment of tax due to mistake or omission is made.

  1. Dealer Exports goods/services under discount or refund claims
  2. ITC accumulation due to output tax exempt or zero-rated
  3. Refund of tax on the purchase made by Embassies or UN bodies
  4. Tax refunds for international tourists
  5. Final assessment of provisional assessment

Calculate GST refund?

Let’s take a simple matter of making extra tax payments.

For the month of September, Mr. Ramesh’s GST liability is 50000 rupees. But due to mistake, Mr. Ramesh had paid GST of Rs 5 lakhs.

Now Mr. Tamesh has paid an extra GST of 4.5 lakh rupees, which can be claimed as a refund by him. There is a time limit for claiming the refund for 2 years from the date of payment.

Time limit for claiming the Refund?

The deadline for claiming the refund is 2 years from the relevant date.

Here are the relevant dates for some cases –


Reason for claiming GST Refund

Relevant Date

Excess payment of GST

Date of payment

Export or deemed export of goods or services

Date of despatch/loading/passing the frontier

ITC accumulates as output is tax exempt or nil-rated the Last date of financial year to which the credit belongs
Finalisation of provisional assessment

Date on which tax is adjusted

The process of Claiming GST refund?

The refund should be filed in Form RFD 01 within 2 years from the relevant date.

This form should be certified by a chartered accountant(CA).


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