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30th GST Council Meeting key-points

30th GST council meeting today, Cigarettes may take on disaster relief CAS

New Delhi. GST Council’s 30th meeting today is going to be held in Delhi, it is being told that the meeting will be through video conferencing and there can be many important issues discussed in this meeting.

 Imposition of cess under GST to provide relief to Kerala flood victims

It is being said that there may be discussions in several states even after the cess is reduced. Let us tell you that in the last few quarters, there is a shortage of Cess in almost half-dozen states of the country.

A temporary tax under GST to help states in exigencies

Apart from this, cigarettes can be increased once again to help the flood-prone states, which is being said that cess on cigarettes can be increased to around 5 to 6 percent. Apart from this, it is being told that by raising the cess on some other things, that money can be helped by flood-prone states.


Apart from this, it is being said that in this meeting, it can also be decided on whether the government has given cashback in the reward on the digital payment by the poor people.  Let us tell you that after the GST is introduced in the country, the GST Council sits from time to time and decides on how to apply the GST rate. Let me tell you that all the states are represented in the GST Council meeting.

Discussion on GST Collection positions of the states

The graph of the GST collection showed that states showed 16 percent shortfall in the first year of its implementation. This shortfall has been reduced to 13% in next period. Finance minister Arun Jaitley stated that the deficit is expected to neutralize itself within 5 years of GST’s rollout.

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